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C.S. Lewis
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Little Girl Finds Hidden World in Old Wardrobe
(Article from-The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe)
Jordan Ernstmeyer-Head Reporter
By: The Daily Mirror
March 25, 1940
London, England

On week ago, dating: March 18, 1940, somewhere in the countryside of London, four children by the names of Peter, Susan, Edward, and Lucy Pevensie discovered a mysterious hidden world they call, “Narnia”. The youngest of the four, Lucy, claimed to have discovered this newly found world and allegedly was shown around by a creature we believe to be, a sort of, man-goat.
How this begins is simple. The mother, of the four children, sent them away to be protected from the occuring war and bombings going on around their hometown. A kind man, living in the countryside, who had a beautiful, large, pristine, house had offered to take them in for the time being & they accepted.
A few days had passed & later that week the four lovely children decided to play hide-and-seek in their new home, when the youngest, Lucy, hid in the closet only to find, deep behind the coats, a magical realm she calls, “Narnia”.
Then, she spent some time there having a tea day with the man-goat creature until she figured it was time for her to go back home. All in all when she came back to her family of siblings, they did not believe the incredible news. “She’s not being silly at all,” said Peter, “she’s just making up a story for fun, aren’t you, Lu? And why shouldn’t she?”. After another bored day of doing practically nothing, the kids all ended up hiding in the closet as a hiding place from their maidservant, and falling into the wintertime wonderland of “Narnia”.
Finally, we join you now after the children have said they had been in there for at least 25 years. “It was the same day and the same hour of the day on which they had gone into the wardrobe to hide.” Can what these children have been saying true?
What they are saying could be false but, what if what they are saying is true? The information seems to add up, but there is always a possibility that they could just be children making up a silly story.